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 Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala...God's Own Country

Important Treatments
1. Abhyangam
Enjoy this relaxing oil application techniques to improve your muscle tone, skin luster, blood circulation and get of pain and stiffness.
2. Padabhyangam A unique oil application technique of traditional Kerala Physicians with hands as well as feet so as to enhance the result of Ahyangam.
3. Sirodhara An ancient method to stimulate your serotonins secretion and calm your nerves, highly effective in stress and tension related problems, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and headache.
4. Udwarthanam This specific synchronized treatment with herbal powder is good news for people with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, obesity, nervous and circulatory problems.
5. Nasyam Nasal medication techniques seen highly effective for sinusitis, headaches, neuralgia, nerve disorder, eye, ear and speech disorder.
6. Ilakizhi Fomentation with leaf bags an ancient remedy for arthritis, stiffness, frozen shoulder, low back ache, sciatica, and spondylosis and sport injury.
7. Njavarakizhi Fomentation process with medicated rice bags an effective treatment for muscular and nervous weakness, paralysis, arthritis, joint and tendon weakness, impotency.
8. Pizhichil Literally this means ‘bath in oil’ – highly effective in nervous weakness, arthritis, impotence, high blood pressure, rheumatism and other spastic conditions.
9. Tharpanam Cleaning and strengthening procedure of the eyes to keep away from eye strain, cataract and other diseases.
10. Shirovasthy retention of oil over the head is a highly effective traditional treatment for degenerative brain disorder, paralysis, Alzheimer and Parkinsonism.
11. Sneha vasthy Enema with medicated oils to keep you away from constipation, haemorrhoids, prostatitis, prolapse, low backache etc.
12. Kashaya vasthy Enema with herbal decoctions for rheumatism, paralysis, spinal problems.
13. Kati vasthy A well known treatment in the management of inter vertebral disc prolapse, sciatica and low back ache.
14. Uro vasthy Effective in asthma, bronchospasm, costo chonditis etc