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 Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala...God's Own Country

Poovar Island
Welcome to Poovar Island Resort Ayurveda Village. Here we have created the prefect ambience to enjoy, understand and absorb the ancient remedies of Ayurverda. To make you date with nature and discover the secrets of Ayurveda, how it can benefit your body and soul.

Ayurveda (“knowledge of Life”)
This ancient and time proven health science has been presented in India especially in Kerala since thousands of years. At poovar we have continued to practice and preserve this ancient medicinal form in its purest state. At poovar we have team of experienced doctors who have made it easy for one to absorb, understand and imbibe the secret tents of this science.

Aim of Ayurveda & our Ayurveda Village
We strive to help one, establish prime health in oneself, and be it physical, mental or spiritual. This is achieved by establishing an energetic equilibrium in the functions of the body humor – Vatha, Pitha, Kapha and simultaneously through an alteration in life style in conformity with the simple law of nature.

The Diet at Poovar
The science dictates our Chefs in the kitchen for a change! We have developed keeping in mind the strict stipulations of the ancient science, a range of food products to suit each person or “body type”. The diet is considered critical to the effectiveness of the treatments/programs and we have taken special care in training our chefs to understand and appreciate this special need. The food is delectable BUT Ayurvedic!!


Some of the Programs offered at Poovar

Prime Health Care Programs

1. Kayakalpa chikilsa (Body Longevity Programme)
Conquering the age is a dream since time immemorial. Ayurveda has the answer designed with this aim, Kayakalpa chikilsa is a combination of panchakarma and rasyana therapy with specific internal medications, diet plan etc. to boost up your immune strength, reduce the harmful effects of free radicals, improve your vitality and thereby make you feel really younger and healthier.

2. Rasayana Chikilsa (Rejuvenation Therapy)
The underlying theory behind this treatment is to reserve the degenerative processes happening in the body. This is achieved by bringing about a balance of the body, mind soul through rejuvenating the functional systems of the body. An ideal program if you want to feel young again!

3. Panchakarma sodhana Chikilsa (Body Purification Program)
Ayurvedic believes (and now so does western medicine) that over time the body accumulates toxins because of food habits, seasonal changes, stress, diseases etc. The toxin put an added pressure on the body’s metabolic systems and prevents the body to attain the dosha equilibrium as well as in reinforcing the body immunity system.

4. Medohara Chikilsa (Weight Loss Program)
A very popular program at our center. Ayurveda considers excessive weight as a diseases and an obese person, vulnerable to all illness. It has a methodical approach to weight management and reduction. The program consists of a strict diet, a combination of massages, oral medications. and of course change in lifestyle.

5. Mana Swasthya Chikilsa (Stress Management Therapy)
Ayurveda fundamentally believes that a healthy mind is the sources for a healthy body. This therapy helps you to manage and reduce the effects of stress, tension and anxiety, depressive and other psychosomatic disorder melancholy.

6. Degenerative Joint Problems
Ayurveda is probably the only science that has an answer to the problem of degenerative joints. At Poovar we have a special program to help reduce and retard the effects of this dieses especially for the spine & neck region. We also have specialized program for Rheumatism & Arthritis.

7. Yoga & Mediation Programs
No Ayurvedic program is complete unless it is supported by a well structured Yoga and mediation program. We have highly skilled Yoga Guru who conducts daily classes. Special need/private classes can also arranged by prior appointments.