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SBS Overseas

SBS Overseas comprises of a diverse range of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and associate companies, structured to give the company flexibility and versatility to keep ahead of local competition while keep pace with the ever-evolving global business scenario.

SBS Overseas sale offices are located throughout the Indian sub continent and Far east Asia. In setting up the branches, priority has always been given to regions leading in steel consumption.

The company’s aim is to develop its own modern infrastructure that would take into account customer needs and be able to assure high quality service. At present, more than 40% of the company’s sale volume is handled by its own yards. The implementation of these concepts optimizes the supply process, and also enables the consumers to save time and resources.

Our main sources of supply are the USA, European Union and CIS countries. We maintain a strict quality guideline by having our own people witness the loading or by hiring internationally recognized inspection agency. In order to make logistics cost efficient and prompt, we hold direct accounts with all major shipping lines and freight forwarders.

As of 2009, Company’s head count is 156.