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Kalinga Cabels

Kalinga International manufacturers of "Kalinga" Brand Cable is one of the oldest & renouned name amongst the cable manufacturing companies and has established itself in electric wires, telecommunication, co-axial cables, LT Power / Control Cables & PVC Conduit Pipes.

The company was established in the year 1955 by its founder Chairman Sh. S.L. Sethi, it was his dream, foresight spirit his formidable approach the experience, hard work, motivation of our professional team, the infrastructure, marketing setup, customer satisfaction & our motive of consistent quality - better economy which has lead the company to such heights.

The company has achieved the 50th years Golden Jubilee mark & we are all proud to have served the nation all these years by lighting a lamp in almost all corners of India

Kalinga has added a feather in its crown by naming its products as "Kalinga" Kalinga Gold to mark the 50th year Golden Jubilee.

Now Kalinga Gold has become synonymous of quality with its customers who have full faith & trust in its quality.

Kalinga Gold Lighting advocates the healthy consuming philosophy of “environmental protection and returning to nature”.  We blend Modern Lighting Technology with Eastern traditional aesthetics, dedicated to create the harmony of light and environment, the unity of nature and humanity, to create comfortable, harmonious, modern and fashionable city life.

Kalinga Gold Lighting and Cables owes its development and achievements to the long term support of customers in different places.  Over these years our clients have bee taking our company as their strategic partners.  The trust of the industry for the company is the approval for the efforts of each and every staff members of Kalinga Gold.  It has always been the theme of advancement of mankind to pay attention to every details of life and to its progress and civilization has been the profound and remote accumulation of the details of man s diligent pursuits.  So has been modern lighting culture.  Kalinga Lighting devotes unparallel enthusiasm and concern in the small products.  Based on our unique feeling of life and on the high level application of modern science and technology, we have provided people with as elite range of products.  Kalinga Gold deeply understand, although in such a small field, are promoting the culture of modern lighting culture.

The company has strong R&D and production capabilities, dedicated to develop and manufacture high quality, environment friendly, energy saving light and related products. Up till now we have developed more than ten series of products in the indoor and outdoor categories, altogether nearly 1000 varieties.  Indoor products include down lamps, ceiling lamps, indoor, outdoor, architectural, façade, functional Lighting products.