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Kalinga Cabels

Kainga GOLD Coaxial Cables


Used in cable TV operations, Computer net-working etc.


Solid annealed bare copper conductor polyethylene insulated shielded with polyester backed aluminum tape and additional shielded with fine tinned braid protected with polyester tape wrapping and sheathed with P.V.C.

LT - XLPE / PVC Cables




Conductor Aluminum: EC Grade Aluminum Conductor as per IS: 8130-1984 Flexibility Class 1 and 2.
Copper: Electrolytic Grade Copper Conductor as per IS: 8130 -1984 Flexibility Class 1 and 2.
Insulation PVC Type A of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 700C
PVC Type C of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 850C
XLPE - (Cross linked polyethylene) compound of IS-7098-1988 for Maximum conductor Temperature 900C
In Case
The insulated cores are cured in hot water chamber maintained at 900C For 4 to 6 hrs depending upon the thickness of insulation.

Tolerance on Thickness of Insulation
The smallest of the measured values of thickness of insulation shall not fall below the nominal valued specified in the relevant tables by more than (0.1 mm + 0.1 t1).

Where t1 = Nominal Thickness of Insulation in mm.

Colour of Insulation
Core Cable Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Grey, Green, White or any colour as per customer Requirement.
Cable Red & Black
Core Cable Red, Yellow & Blue
Core Cable Red, Yellow, Blue & Black
Core Cable Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Grey
Core & Above Two adjacent cores (counting & direction core) in each layer Blue and Yellow, remaining cores Grey (or)

The same sequence as above alongwith indelible printing of core number or All cores same coloured with number printing on the cores at regular interval.
Laying -up The cores are laid up with a suitable right hand lay.
Inner Sheath PVC Type ST-1 of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 700C.
PVC Type ST-2 of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 850C.
(For XLPE Cables ST-2 Only)
Application The laid up cores shall be provided with inner sheath applied either by Extrusion or by tape wrapping, as per specification requirement.

For Unarmored single core cables no inner sheath be provided.

For Unarmored multi core cables the inner sheath may be provided in single extrusion along with the outer sheath. However the minimum thickness of inner sheath shall be added to the thickness of outer sheath.

Armoring Galvanized Steel Wire armoring shall be provided with a suitable left Hand lay up to calculated fictitious dia of cable = 13 mm.
Galvanized Steel strip armoring shall be provided with suitable left lay : for calculated fictitious diameter of cable above 13mm.
Outer Sheath PVC Type ST-1 of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 700C.
PVC Type ST-2 of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 850C. (For XLPE cables ST-2 only.)

Thickness of Outer Sheath
Unarmoured Cables The average thickness of outer sheath of Unarmoured cables shall not be less than the nominal value specified. The smallest of the measured values shall not be less than 0.2mm + 0.2 ts.
Armoured Cables The minimum thickness of PVC outer sheath of armoured cables shall Not fall below the nominal value (ts) specified more than 0.2 mm+0.2ts.
Colour of Outer Sheath Colour of outer sheath shall be black or any other colour as agreed to between the purchase and the supplier.

Advantages of XLPE Insulation
Easy Installation, as the XLPE insulated cables are lesser in weight as compared to PVC Insulated cables of same size.
Higher operating temperature, current rating and overload rating makes XLPE cables more economical to Use.
Higher life span and flexibility as compared to PVC cables.
XLPE Insulated cables have a very high degree of resistance towards Moisture, Oil, Solvent, Acid and Alkalies compared to PVC cables which are moderately resistance to the above conditions.
XLPE Insulated cables have higher short circuit temperature that is 2500C. as compared to PVC Insulated Cables which have short circuit temperature of only 1600C.
XLPE Insulated cables no side effect on health in case of a fire, however PVC cables are Carcinogenic in nature.

Kainga GOLD FRLS Wires

Fire Retardant low smoke Wires & Cables have taken over other conventional wires & cables as fire is creating havoc everywhere in our lives.

Awareness for safety against fire has increased with bitter experience where in individuals & the nation have suffered great losses.

Kalinga Gold has developed & launched FRLS wires & cables to minimize the loss of human lives & property during fire hazards.

In case of FRLS wires the insulation & in case of LT 1.1KV grade cables the outer sheath is specially formulated flame retardant low smoke type PVC Compound having high oxygen & temp. index, with reduced emission of halogen & smoke.
Properties of FRLS PVC Compound

Kalinga GOLD Instrumentations Cables

Instrumentation cable are of annealed tinned copper conductor with PVC insulated type C colour core number printing will be provided for identification, core twisted to form a pair and the pair will be laid up to form a round symmetrical shape, plain Polyester tape, with 95% coverage. Inner sheath with extruded P.V.C (ST-1) armor with G.I. wire 1.0mm. Outer Sheath with P.V.C.

The following are the various categories of instrumentation cables :-

LDPE/PVC insulated control cables.
LDPE/PVC insulated pair / traid cables.
Shielded/Copper braided cables.

All cables can be offered in accordance with specifications (as applicable for various types wires & cables) as per IEC, BS, DIN/VDE, JIS is or customer specific standards.

Lan / Structural Cables 

Kalinga  Gold brings to you LAN cables best suited to your specific Applications. These are certified by the world renowned under writers Laboratories Inc. USA (UL). The Cables are verified to the performance category 5/5e requirement to TIA/EIA 568 - A & UL 444 for Transmission performance.

Kalinga  Gold Lan cables are suitable for Voice, Data, Video and Low Voltage Control, it is suitable for all Lan topologies including Horizontal and Vertical distribution plenum and Riser.
The conductor is made of Electrolytic plain annealed solid copper of size 0.5 mm, High quality Polyethylene Insulated with suitable colour code, twisted pair, Unshielded light grey PVC jacketed with improved fire characteristic meeting requirements of IEV -332- high oxygen and temperature index.

The UL ISO - 9001 certification ensures the quality of cables and its intended performance.

Submersible Cables


Kalinga Gold is one of the largest manufacturer of Variety of cables. R.K. Electrical Industries (India). Is trusted for wide variety of applications throughout the country and abroad. It manufacturers Flat Cables for Submersible Pump Motors etc. The construction design and quality of these cables are best suited for the intended application.

For over Five decades "Kalinga  Gold's aim is to manufacture cables of highest quality and to provide customer satisfaction that is unequalled in the country. We are committed for the product quality, reliability, safety and excellent customer service.

Flat Cables for Submersible Pump Motor

Kalinga  Gold Flat Cables are manufactured for critical space requirement, Protection against indefinite immersion in water under specified conditions, protection against raining water and protection against ingress of small solid foreign bodies.

Kalinga  Gold Flat Cables are produced from best quality electrolytic copper drawn, on line annealed & bunched on automatic manufacturing machines. The conductors are insulated with a special grade of PVC and outer sheath consists of highly abrasion resistant PVC compound. These cables processed on sophisticated twin extrusion line meets and withstands the demanding needs of submersible pump motor power supply.

House Wiring / PVC Flexible Wires


PVC Insulated Single / Multi Core Wires & Cables
These cables have multi faceted role in our daily lives. These find application in Household Wiring, Industrial Wiring, Multipurpose / Temporary Wiring in the form of extension leads etc. as well as in appliances.

For over five decades Kalinga  Gold's aim is to manufacture cables of highest quality and to provide customer satisfaction that is unequalled in the country. We are committed for the product quality reliability, safety & excellent customer service.

Starting from Raw Material inspection through in-process inspection to final inspection, check points & control points are maintained to assure the conformance of our product.

Telephone Cables


Suitable for use in outdoor/indoor permanent installation telephone Exchanges and equipments, in House Telephone Wiring, EPBAX Systems, Industrial Telecom/Intercom, Satellite Telecommunication Systems, closed circuit security systems etc.