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D Serve Security Services

Security Services:

Security & Guarding Services
We are rendering round the clock security services by deploying adequate security guards. The guards will be trained, alert and smart uniform and display requisite discipline and good manners.
They Help in prevention of loss / damage or misuse to property & will function as a profit centre instead of cost centre.

Event Management services
We provide Event Management Services for any type of public and private events. We provide security guard, marshals and bouncers. Our capabilities allow us to manage events like musical concerts, star nights, annual carnivals, melas, seminars, exhibitions, corporate conferences, office functions etc. We have requisite tools and facilities as well as excellent skills to ensure effective events management.

Investigation & verification services
We have a sophisticated and professional investigative that can undertake all kinds of enquiries and investigation and collect sensitive intelligence under strict confidentiality.
We understand hiring is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. D-Serve offers a comprehensive employment screening and background verification service to help companies screen applicants.

Executive protection services
We provide personal security through commandos with/without revolver, Ex-elite National security guard (NSG) and Special protection group (SPG) of the country.

Parking management services
We provide smartly turned out guards specially trained in traffic control duties provide a free flow of vehicles and protect the parked vehicles.

Perimeter fencing
We offer Concertina coils fencing and RBT fencing.

Electronic security system
We provide the complete range of electronic security systems to cater for not only high end, but also medium end and low-end projects. Likes Fire fighting systems, Interuder alarms, Access control systems, CCTV surveillance camera, Hand held metal detector, Door frame metal detector and Belly search mirrors appropriately

Housekeeping services:

Housekeeping & Pantry services
D-Serve help you get clean and stay that way, at work and at your home.
We provide Housekeeping Services for commercial and residential housekeeping, office cleaning and domestic cleaning. Our housekeeping services are focused to ensure visual as well as hygienic cleaning of our client’s premises all the time.
We provide the housekeeping consumables and tools.

We provide excellent pantry services and ensure that our clients are satisfied by our services. Our well-trained pantry boys are courteous and offer effective and polite catering services to clients.

Horticulture & Garden maintenance

We provide our employees that have expertise in Horticulture and Flower management that offers efficient services to our esteemed clients. Our landscaping staff is skilled at making a common exterior uncommonly beautiful.

Pest control services
We offer pest control services using specialized chemicals to control the pests like ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches etc. We also provide termite eradication treatment for commercial as well as official premises. Using modern equipments, we control insects such as lizards, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, silver fish, crickets, beetles, moths, caterpillars, worms etc.

Guest house management services
We offer management services for Guest Houses. Our employees are trained according to the needs of small to medium accommodation management.

Waste Management/Garbage disposal
We carry out efficient waste management and garbage disposal services from client’s premises.

Engineering services:

Electro Mechanical services

HVAC - Operation & Maintenance
We offer services of maintenance with the help of our trained professionals
We offer our services for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) that are considered to be the three closely related fundamental functions found in Offices, Homes, and other buildings. Our team of professionals helps our clients to regulate room temperature, humidity, and air flow, ensuring that such elements remain within their acceptable ranges.

D.G. Set - Operation & Maintenance
We offer our services for Diesel Power Distribution & Management. Our employees enhance the existing knowledge of client and suggest efficient ways for distributing diesel power effectively.

Minor projects, paint & patchwork.
We offer our services of Minor projects, paint & patchwork for the requirements of our commercial, industrial and residential clients.

Electrical, Plumbing, carpentry and all general services
We offer electrical, plumbing, carpentry & all other general maintenance services for the requirements of our residential, commercial and industrial clients. Using best quality materials and products from leading suppliers, we strive to provide an effective service.

HR staffing services:

Reception, front & back office operations
We consider that customer’s first impression occurs at front desk - the place where they receive their first taste of service. Our employees are cheerful, well groomed, and articulate with appropriate attire.

We provide staff under contractual employment for your office like :- Office Assistants, Data Entry Operators, telephone operator, office boys, field work executive, Lift operators, Sales Staff, Drivers, Nursing Assistants, Ward Boys and Technical Staff etc.

Executive search services
Our Executive Search Division works as an extension of our clients’ business pursuits to identify suited talent for them across senior and middle levels.

Promotion activities services
We offer to provide the services for promotion activities and Promote the Brand or services of companies.

Manpower services
We also provide personnel to establishments on our payrolls to save them the headaches of ‘Hiring & Firing’ staff, union problems etc. These people remains on the payroll of D-Serve but are placed at our clients offices as long as they are required this enables our clients to focus on their core business area.

We specialized in providing Professional Facility Services in: - Financials, Industries, Corporate, Factories, warehouse, showroom, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, hospitals, Offices, Apartments, and Commercial or Business houses.