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Jupiter Sercurity Pvt. Ltd.


(a) Guarding Services

(i) Providing uniformed security officers and above as per client requirement.
(ii) Providing security services through uniformed and trained security personnel as per client requirement or based on own independent security assessment.

(b) Executive Protection
Provide personal security through Commandos with/without revolver ex- elite National Security Guards (NSG) and Special protection Group (SPG) of the country.

(c) Event security
Provide Security guards, Bouncers and PR executives for event like Musical shows, Star Nights, Annual Carnivals etc.

(d) Security Consultancy / Audit
Suggest an optimum security plan for optimum utilization of manpower, systems and layout for a new building / establishment including methodogies, procedures, movement of vehicles and equipment etc. Also carry out audit of existing security system and suggest ways and means for improving the same with optimum utilization of the available resources.

(e) Fire Fighting (Training and Audit)
We undertake to train clients executive and staff in fire fighting which include fire prevention, use and operation of fire fighting and use of First Aid, fire fighting equipment and operation of fire hydrant system.

We also undertake fire audit.


Spectrum and Nature of Services to be provided

(a) Housekeeping Services

  • Provide floor services on all the floors mentioned above so as to keep the premises clean and aesthetically maintained. This will include sweeping, mopping and scrubbing off all the common areas.
  • Cleaning of toilet including supply of liquid soap, urinal cubes, air purifiers, naphthalene balls and tissue papers in all the toilets.
  • Cleaning of doormarts, exposed surfaces of electrical fixtures, glass panels and window etc.
  • Cleaning of lift wells.
  • Garbage and waste paper disposal
  • Keeping sewerage lines functional
  • Clearning of facade, boundary and compound area which is being used for parking.

(b) Security
Renderning round the clock security services by deploying adequate security guards. The guards will be in neat uniform and display requiste discipline and good maners.

(c) Repair Maintenance & Operation of Electrical and Mechanical Services
All the electrical and mechanical services including the AC system will be maintained and operated as per the Mall requirements and the electrical equipment will be kept in good working condition all the time, following the preventive maintenance and periodical overall procedures as listed in the manuals of the OEM> we shall also ensure the safety of the equipment and the personnel using it. We shall also ensure that the AMC concluded for the equipment by the Mall management is properly implenmented.

(d) Repair maintenance and Operation of water supply and water softening system
It shall be ensured that the two borewells and the pumps installed are kept in good working condition and ensure their periodic preventive maintenance. The water softening plant installed for softening of raw water for the chilling tray is kept in good working condition.

(e) Maintenance and operation of fire alarm and fire suppression system
The conventional smoke detectors and the fire control panels installed in the building will be maintained in good working condition and we shall carry out fire drills and testing of the system at regular intervals.

(f) Operation and maintenance of lift and escalators.
The lifts and the escalator will be operated by us and the routine maintenance will be carried out to ensure that thes are kept functional all the time.

(g) AMC of Equipment
The Mall management will execute the AMC of the equipment. However we shall mange these AMC on Behalf of the management for which we should be authorized by the management.

(h) Major repairs and overalls
All major repairs and overall of the equipment including the spares will not be part of our facility management services. However these would be supervised by us.

(i) Consumables, fixtures and fittings
We shall provide the housekeeping consumables. But the other consumable including In the scope of this proposal.