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Kalinga Lighting.

“Some one has rightly remarked that positive attitude can lead a person to victory”

It is this very positive attitude with which Sh. Sardari Lal Sethi, S/o Sh.Ram Krishan Sethi the founder of an establishment which is amongst the most renouned names in the cable & lighting manufacturing companies left an indelible mark in the field of cable and lighting industry.

The legend born on 21st April 1921 was the most disciplinarian of his times, he has amongst a few Indians who was selected by the American Airforce and later join Kalinga airlines after partition in 1947.

During the tenure in Kalinga airlines he excelled & was given number of awards for excellent performance.

In the year 1955 he decided to start his own venture. It was his dream, foresight, spirit his formidable approach the experience, hard work and motivation that a small venture multiplied in to a major industry with a name in itself as product has become a house hold name in national and international market.

It was the vision and broad mindedness of the gentlemen in which has made possible the loral that the entire sethi family including all his brothers & their children rest upon. It was this legacy that his sons Sh. Bharat Bhushan Sethi, Sh. Kulbhushan Sethi, Sh. Mukesh Sethi are proud of and have worked in the similar directions to fulfills the dream of their father.

Now the third generation Mr. Anil Sethi, Mr. Rishi sethi, Mr. Amit sethi & Mr. Sumit sethi too has joined hands to establish & grow further what their grand father Sh. Sardari Lal Sethi dreamed about.

In the honour of late shri sardari lal sethi the company has added a crown by naming its products as Kalinga- SLS gold i.e. Kalinga. The product of Sh. Sardari lal sethi & Gold depicts the Golden jubilee era.

Now Kalinga – SLS Gold Group has become synonymous of quality with its customers who have full faith & trust in its founder Late Sh. Sardari lal Sethi.