Salient features of Terracotta...

• Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable

• Lead-free and Hygienic

• Common-clay base with ceramic glaze effect.

• Good wear and tear resistance

• Scratch - proof

• Microwave oven-proof

• Washable and scour able

• Light-weight and portable.

• Durable and fascinating

• Kills water-borne bacteria naturally.

• Each piece unique because it is hand-crafted.

The clay is solidified and wedged to the framed into the desired shape and size, on the potters wheel. This is followed by hand - craft for decoration and design like inlay, handle making, etching etc. After drying the product, is given finishing by sand paper, sponging and then the initial firing is done at 950C, followed by glazed firing at 1050C in the kiln. Meticulous care is taken to retain the natural grace and feel of the products.

We do make customized products upon the buyers request.

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